What keeps me going is meeting new people, learning about their passions, finding ways to help them execute, and together share in the success. A camera is just a tool that allows me do that.
— Blaine Coury

About the owner

Blaine was born in Redmond, Washington and split his childhood between the pacific northwest and Phoenix, Arizona. In both places, he spent every possible minute outdoors. Whether it was building bike ramps, or out on lake with friends, he always had to be where the action was. In high school, Blaine fell in love with the fast-paced sports of lacrosse and wakeboarding while teaching himself how to shoot and edit video highlight reels for his fellow athletes. At Arizona State University he tried out a couple different major (including engineering and digital art), but eventually found himself at local design college, where he graduated valedictorian with an Associate’s degree in Media Arts. While freelancing in the action sports and event video world, Blaine completed a Bachelor’s degree in marketing at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business. Today, he enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and building great relationships with clients just as much as being behind the camera. He also hates writing about himself in third person.